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Entry types and deadlines are one of the most important parts of an event listing on  One of our goals is to keep readers up to date on which paint outs are looking for new artists and the dates when LOIs, applications or registration forms are due.

Each paint out works a bit differently in terms of artist selection, but we’ve tried to classify each event into one of the following generic groups:

  1. Invitational – Artists are sent invitations by a selection committee. Some invitational events solicit input from various third parties about new artists to consider, but generally speaking, the selection committee does not accept input or requests for inclusion directly from interested artists. Invitationals are the most difficult paint outs to join, even for established artists.
  2. Invitational with LOI – Artists are sent invitations by a selection committee. The selection committee does accept letters of interest (LOI) or inquiry from new artists though. The committee uses LOIs to find new artists, but does not require LOIs or other documentation from past artists or artists already know to committee members.
  3. Juried Entry – All artists (including past participants) must submit resumes, images or other information to a jury committee. All entries are evaluated after the due date to determine the slate of artists who will participate in the next event. Each year the selection committee starts with a blank slate of artists.
  4. Open – There is no selection process. These events are open to any artist of any skill level. There’s usually a limited number of spaces which are filled on a first come, first serve basis. As such, it’s important to get your registration in as early as possible.
  5. Members - All or most artists in this type of event belong to the organization hosting the paint out.  A "+" indicates that some non-member artists or guests may be included.

At, we’ve tried to classify each event as best we can. But please check each event’s web site to determine the specifics of their selection process. To paint out organizers, if we’ve classified your event incorrectly, let us know and we’ll update your listing as soon as possible. Thank you.


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